[Service Caps] Blade and Soul - 01

With the debut of a new anime for Blade and Soul (with the game's NA version never getting released), we are greeted with loads of fan service (more work for us -_-). We tried our best to give you the frame-by-frame hotness of the lead character Aruka.

We see Aruka skinny-dipping, bathing in a lake, a cliche for fan service in animes...

[Service Caps] Shakugan no Shana - 24

[Service Caps] Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - 11

In episode 11 of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, we  see Aoyama Nanami naked as she's using the weighing scale as Sorata walks in on her.

[Service Caps] Code Geass - 03

Here we have Kallen KĊzuki or Kallen Stadtfeld, whatever name you want to call her. This waterfall scene features here skinny-dipping, bathing, then confronting Suzaku, only to get her thrown off.

Lord of Walkure: Main Screen

After you create your character, you'll need to go through the tutorial first. Just like visual novels, click on the text box at the bottom to continue to next speech. Go ahead finish your conversation with the girl and proceed to click on what the game is highlighting.

Image is still to be translated

Then you'll be directed to the Valkyrie Management screen: